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At The Boiler Repair Man Glasgow we visit Vokera Boilers everyday in Glasgow that have broken down or are in need of repair.  We have a specialist Ex Vokera Engineer who has over 15 years experience working on Vokera Boilers and as a company we have over 40 Years experience working on these boilers.  Whatever issue you are having with your boiler we can guarantee that we've not only seen it before, but we've repaired it before.  We've included some of the Vokera Boilers from our completed jobs gallery that we've repaired in the past and we've also detailed the faults, it is likely that your model and even the same fault you're having could appear in the gallery below.  Should you have a boiler that needs repairing give us a call on 0141 239 1195 or contact us via the webpage.

Vokera Compact won't fire - no fault light (just flashes green)

We were called the this Vokera Compact 29HE which wouldn't fire and had no red fault lights, boiler pressure ok but wouldn't produce any heating or hot water when taps was on or heating turned on.  The light on the front of the boiler only flashed green and burner wouldn't fire.  We stripped down the Vokera Boiler found that it hadn't been serviced in a while, we cleaned out several components of the boiler and had the boiler up and running within half an hour, obviously with areas of expertise that only a heating engineer would have.  Total cost to the customer for this repair was £60.  If you have an issue similar to this please give us a call to discuss on 0141 239 1195 or Contact Us via the webpage.

Please note that there are other faults on the boiler that can give this error and we would need to see the boiler in order to accurately diagnose the issue with it.

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