Baxi Potterton Boiler Repair Glasgow

At The Boiler Repair Man Glasgow, we regularly work on Baxi and Potterton boilers with a series of minor faults.  It tends to be between year 8 and year 12 of the boilers life that they develop minor repair issues however there is always an exception to the rule.  Rather than detail common faults we thought it was best to show you actual repairs that we carry out on these boilers and prices we charge so you can see for yourself before you call us the work we do.  Should you wish to book a repair appointment with one of our gas engineers in Glasgow give us a call on 0141 239 1195 or Contact Us via the webpage.

Potterton Promax 28 HE No hot water

At The Boiler Repair Man Glasgow, we were called to this Potterton Promax 28HE boiler where the occupier had been without hot water from the boiler for almost 2 months while another contractor messed the owner and the occupier around.  They had replaced 2x parts on the boiler and were unable to repair the boiler after fitting these parts.  We attended and correctly diagnosed this issue, we had the required part in van stock and were able to repair this within an hour.  Landlord and occupier were very happy to finally have the hot water working again.  Price for this repair range from £85 - £190 depending on the boiler model.  Give us a call on 0141 239 1195 or Contact Us via the webpage. 

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