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Grants boilers error codes & faults, what they mean.

When there are problems with your boiler, it can be a frustrating time. So in this short guide we provide information you need to work out what the problem may be.


The Error code shown on your boiler will help you establish whether the problem is something you can fix yourself or whether you will need to call out an engineer.


We have listed below some of the most common error codes for you. However, for a complete list, don't forget to check your boiler manual.


  • PP1 - Failure of the inlet sensor, which means the water temperature.
  • PP2 - The sensor which measures discharged gas has failed.
  • PP3 - The coil of the temperature sensor has failed.
  • PP4 - The sensor which measures return gas has failed.
  • PP5 - Failure of the sensor which measures the ambient temperature.
  • PP6 - Protection for the overheating of gas has been activated.
  • PP7 - Anti-freeze protection is activated.
  • EE1 - Either the circulation pump has failed, or the circuit has an airlock.
  • EE2 - Low boiler pressure in your system.
  • EE3 - An open circuit on the PCB
  • EE4 - There has been a reversal of the supply L and N.
  • EE8 - Communication failure.

From time to time, all boilers develop problems. However, as you can see, there are some issues that you will be able to resolve yourself, without needing to call an Oil qualified Gas Safe engineer but should you require an engineer for your Oil Boiler Repair please call 0141-239-1195.

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