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Potterton Pro Max Combi 28HE Repair - No Hot Water

We attended this property in East Kilbride as the customer had no hot water. We carried out our diagnostics process and found the issue to be with the Divertor Cartridge which had been corroded due to historical water quality issues as you can see on the images for this job the difference between the old and new. The divertor was jammed on the heating only option and the Auto Air Vent was also passing. Quote sent by the team in the office and we returned to replace these parts and the customer can again start to enjoy that hot bath they we missing. If you have a similar issue or wish for a boiler repair call out please call our office on 0141-239-1195 or contact us and one of our Registered Gas Safe Engineers will attend.

Worcester Greenstar Junior 24i - New Filling Loop and AAV

We attended this property in the Robroyston area to initially carry out a boiler service but upon doing so detected a few issues which were needing to be rectified on this Worcster Boiler as the pressure had been rising recently, we carried out our diagnostics process and found this issue to be with a faulty filling loop which was stuck open and had also caused the Auto Air Vent to leak. Quote sent and we returned to replace the filling loop and Auto Air Vent at the customers request. If you have a similar issue or wish for a boiler service please feel free to give us a call on 0141-239-1195 or contact us and one of our Registered Gas Safe Engineers will attend.

Ariston Microgenus MFFI 23 - Burst Heat Exchanger

This one didn't make it I'm afraid, this entry is more for the boiler graveyard.  For anyone who has an Ariston boiler, you may want to look away now... We were called out to this boiler as there was a leak coming from the bottom of the Ariston Microgenus 23 MFFI.  When we got the casing off we found the problem, the main heat exchanger was burst and on the majority of boilers on the market this is normally beyond economical repair, which it is when you see the damage to the inside of the boiler.  Please have a look at the pictures below.  The last picture is of the shinny new Worcester Boiler we fiited for another satisfied customer.  Should you have an Ariston boiler or should you wish a new Worcester Boiler please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your options.

Potterton Promax 28HE - No Hot Water

We attended to Mr Shaw's Property in Seedhill Road in Paisley and found that other engineers had a nightmare trying to identify the cause of the issue with the Potterton Promax 28HE and why the boiler couldn't recognise a demand for hot water.  When the central heating is on there is a green light on the radiator symbol on the front of the boiler, however when the hot water tap is turned on the boiler doesn't recognise the demand for hot water. 

We were able to quickly identify this issue and also repair it whilst on site as we had the required part in van stock.  If you have an issue like this with any other boiler please feel free to give us a call or contact us and one of our Engineers would be a happy to call out and repair this for you.

Potterton Performa 28 - Failure to Ignite

We attended to Ms Drummonds Property in the Belvidere village estate in the east end of Glasgow to rectify the issue she was having with her Potterton Performa 28 which wouldn't fire either in heating or hot water mode.  The red light on the 30degrees symbol is constant red, we carried out our diagnostics process and found this issue to be with a faulty PCB which we replaced at the customer request.  If you have a similar issue or an unrelated issue with this boiler please feel free to give us a call or contact us and one of our Registered Gas Safe Engineers will discuss your issue.

Vokera Mynute 35HE - F73 Fault Code

We attended to Mr & Mrs Arazanbal in Lynedoch Place in West End of Glasgow to repair their Vokera Mynute which was displaying an F73 fault code, with a red light.  We opened the combustion chamber to find that there had been a leak which had damaged one of the sensors please refer to the pictures below.  This is a design fault of the Vokera boilers at the time, boilers affected are:


  • Vokera Linea 28HE
  • Vokera Linea 32HE
  • Vokera Linea 35HE
  • Vokera Linea 36HE
  • Vokera Mynute 14HE
  • Vokera Mynute 16HE
  • Vokera Mynute 36HE
  • Vokera Unica 28HE
  • Vokera Unica 32HE
  • Vokera Unica 36HE

This fault starts as an intermittent fault where by the boiler locks out every couple of days or so after its been running for over an hour and its been producing condensed water.  This condensed water leaks out of the plastic conveyor (which is a Vokera Design Fault) runs down the flow pipe and as a result hinders the performance of the sensor.  Should you have a fault like this or one similiar feel free to give us a call and we'd be more than happy to attend and repair for you.  Give us a call on 0141 239 1195 or Contact us via the website.

Vaillant Ecotec 28 - F75 fault code

We attended to Mr & Mrs Graham's property in G76 area of Glasgow to find an F75 Fault code and the boiler failing to fire up in either heating or hot water mode.  This particular fault code on the Vaillant Ecotec range can be particularly challanging as there are a range of issues that can cause this fault code.  We had to replace a small part on this boiler at a total price to our customer of £79.  The boiler is now working and The Boiler Repair Man has another warm happy customer.  If you have a Vaillant boiler displaying this fault code or any other and you'd like to discuss it with us please feel free to call us on 0141 239 1195 or Contact us via the link.

Vokera Excell 80 - No hot water Glasgow

Thursday 19th January 2017 we attended to Mr & Mrs Murray's flat in White Street in Partick as they had no hot water from their Vokera Excell 80.  Even although this is an older boiler approx 20 years old, our customer's were looking for this to be repaired as this was the most cost effective outcome for them.  We attended and had the issue repaired within half an hour as the part they required we carried in Van Stock, another happy customer of The Boiler Repair Man.  If you have an issue similiar to this please feel free to give us a call on 0141 239 1195 or Contact Us and one of our fully qualified Gas Safe Registered Engineers in Glasgow would be delighted to take your call.  Have a look at the photos below taken during this job.

Vokera Compact SE Red Light Fault

At The Boiler Repair Man we attended a red light fault to a Vokera Compact SE range of boiler, there are many potential causes of the red light on the Vokera Compact SE range.  On this occasion we found this issue to be with the central heating thermistor, which we carry in van stock and replaced with a total cost to the customer of £80, another job done in one visit.  If you have a similar issue with your Vokera Compact SE or HE feel free to give us a call on 0141 239 1195 and one of our Glasgow based heating engineer would be happy to discuss with you or Contact us via our webpage.

Vokera Linea Red Light Fault - Glasgow West End

At The Boiler Repair Man we attended a Vokera Linea 24 which had a red light and wasn't firing up at all.  We carried out our fault finding diagnostics checks and found that the venturi - located within the fan was blocked, we cleaned this out and the boiler fired up first time.  This repair was completed for a total cost of £60, if you have a similar issue give The Boiler Repair Man a call we'll have an engineer attend at a time that suits you.  Give us a call on 0141 239 1195 or 07584993021 or Contact us.

Boiler Service Milngavie

At The Boiler Repair Man we carry out Boiler Servicing, in the case of Mr & Mrs Cochrane in Baljaffray we serviced their Vaillant Ecotec plus 428 to keep their 5 year manufacturers warranty valid.  As you can see from the pictures below the boilers even when they are three years old still require servicing, we removed dead flies and bees from the carcass of the boiler, we cleaned the magnetic filter, cleaned out the condensate trap as well as carrying out a flue gas analyser reading and gas rate check to ensure the boiler is burning as it should.  This Boiler Service was carried out for £60, so call Contact Us to book in your annual boiler service to ensure your manufacturers warranty remains valid.

Back Boiler Service Clydebank

At The Boiler Repair Man we attended a Back Boiler Unit which hadn't been serviced in over 5 years.  It is great that this boiler is now being serviced, however this is a potentially life threatening situation with the Back Boiler Unit.  As you can see from the pictures below the dust that collects around this appliance is starving the boiler of oxygen that it needs to burn not only efficiently but more importantly in a safe manner.  The lack of oxygen leads to incomplete combustion which in turn produces Carbon Monoxide - the silent killer.  It is imperative that if you have a Back Boiler Unit such as this that it is serviced annually by a qualified gas safe engineer and it is also highly recommended that you have Carbon Monoxide alarm fitted to the room in which your back boiler is fitted.  Don't take the chance, we offer Back Boiler Unit servicing from as little as £80 & the correct British Standard Carbon Monoxide from £35, Contact Us to book in an appointment.

Case Study - Back Boiler Unit Service Clydebank

The Boiler Repair Man visted a property in the Clydebank area of West Dunbartonshire to carry out a service of an old back boiler unit and fire which was in the property.  The back boiler unit baxi bermuda was in dire need of a service, this appliance wasn't burning properly due to a lack of servicing.  The Boiler Repair Man serviced this back boiler unit in Glasgow successfully and although we were covered and very dirty this appliance is now completely safe to use.  Another successful service completed in Glasgow.  Please remember that if your appliance is old it is even more essential that regular servicing of the appliance is scheduled as it can prove to be very dangerous if not serviced regularly.  total cost of the servicing of the back boiler unit in glasgow was £80.  Should you need your back boiler unit serviced please feel free to contact us to book in a servicing appointment.  0141 239 1995!!!


Case Study – Boiler Repair Clydebank

We attended a property in the Clydebank area of Glasgow this week to repair an issue with a leak no hot water from Mrs Roberts Baxi Combi 80e boiler.  We were able to diagnose to problem and had the part required in our van and we were able to repair this boiler in Clydebank on one visit.  Total cost of the repair was £75 and Mrs Roberts was very happy as we repaired the leak at the boiler and also the issue of no hot water.


Case Study – Boiler Repair Dumbarton

We attended a property in the Dumbarton Area within Glasgow recently to repair an issue with a Vokera Compact 29, which required our expert boiler repair service.  We were able to quickly diagnose the problem with the boiler and replaced the part required which we had in our van.  There was no second visit required in Dumbarton for this boiler repair.  As a result we were able to complete this repair for a price of £95. 


Case Study – Electric Storage Heating Repair – Cumbernauld

We attended a property in the Cumbernauld area of Glasgow on the 06th April 2016 to repair an issue with a Creda Storage Heater which wasn't heating up properly.  We attended same day and were able to diagnose the issue with 2x of the 3 elements within the Creda storage heater.  We ordered these elements and returned the following day 7th April 2016 to fit them.  Mr Reynolds was delighted with our service and will keep our number in case he needs us again.  Another job well done.


Case Study – Boiler Service Ferroli Optimax 30c – Glasgow, West End Partick

We attended Mr Laoudi's property 05th April 2016 in Partick the West End area of Glasgow to service his Ferroli Optimax 30c boiler.  Whilst on site Mr Laoudi highlighted to us that he had an intermittent issue with his hot water, the boiler wouldn't always fire up when he turned on the hot tap.  We were able to resolve this issue as part of the boiler service for Mr Laoudi a total cost of £60.  Another job well done, we are attending to issues such as this and many more in the West End Partick area of Glasgow on a daily basis.  If you require a boiler service please do not hesitate to give us a call and we can arrange this at a time that suits you.


Case Study - Vokera Compact - Boiler Repair – Glasgow City Centre

We attended to a vokera compact which was firing up, but after a period of approx 5 mins it was locking out, a flashing orange light then a constant red light.  From experience we were able to repair this issue without any parts (which may not always be the case).  Mrs Lindsay who was the landlord of the property was delighted with our response time and service and the £60 charge for the repair.  The Landlord then had us return the following week to carry out her Annual Landlords Gas Safety Inspection and also her Legionella Risk Assessment, when doing both together we charge £75.  I'm sure if Mrs Lindsay has any future issues she'll give the The Boiler Repair Man a call.


Case Study – Creda Storage Heater - Storage Heating Repair – Bearsden

We attended a Creda Storage Heater today which had been attended to by a previous contractor who unfortunately left the heater not working.  Mr Christie called us out to see if we could repair this for him, we found the heater with his input mechanism burnt out and 2 out of 4 elements out.  We fitted new input mechanism and also replaced all 4 elements on Mr Christie's request.   We also tested heater and we can rest safe in the knowledge that this Creda Storage Heater in Bearsden will be working in the morning for Mr Christie.  If you have a similar issue give us a call 0141 239 1195.

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